Last Updated: 2018-10-15

In this section we'll cover all of the basic functionality in Piranha to get you started designing your first Piranha application. The following topics will be covered in detail.

Content Types

Learn how Content Types are structured, what components are available and when your should use which component. You can also read about the three primary Content Types that are shipped with Piranha, Pages, Posts and Sites.

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Standard Fields

Here you can find information about all of the different types of Fields that come with Piranha, how they work in the manager interface, and find examples on how to use the in your models and how to manipulate their values from code.

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Standard Blocks

Information about all of the different types of Blocks that come with Piranha and how they work for the Content Editor in the manager. You can also find examples on how you can render them in your web application.

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Read about which types of media is supported in Piranha, how you add new types of media and you can query and reference media objects from your code.

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Application Service

The Application Service is a help service that simplifies access to the different parts of Piranha when you develop your application. Here you can find information about the different tools it provides.

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