HTML Editor

Last Updated: 2018-12-04

Piranha CMS uses TinyMCE 4.6.5 as the included default editor. The editor is used in both standard form mode for regions, and in inline mode when editing HTML block content. By default the following tools are enabled by the editor:

  • Bold & Italic
  • Unordered & Ordered Lists
  • Horizontal Line
  • Left, Center & Right Alignment
  • Standard Header & Block Formats
  • Link Editor with CMS integration
  • Image picker with CMS integration

Customizing The Enabled Tools

The HTML-editors are initialized in the manager from a partial view named _EditorSetup.cshtml that is embedded in the location ~/Areas/Manager/Views/Shared/Partial. To override the default setup, simply create a file with the same name and location in your project. It's also always a good start to copy the original file as a reference point.

We include the entire package from TinyMCE, so all tools that they have can be enabled in your application. For information about the different plugins provided and configuration options available, please refer to the official documentation on the TinyMCE homepage.

Changing HTML-Editor

If you prefer another HTML-editor than TinyMCE you can replace it completely by overriding the setup view as described above. The same rules apply though, make sure that you provide the same functions for your new code (addFormEditor & addInlineEditor) as these are called at runtime when adding new regions and blocks.