NuGet Packages

Last Updated: 2019-01-29

All of the core libraries and components available are installed as packages from NuGet. The core packages currently available are.


PM> install-package piranha

This is the core package containing data access, application models and interfaces needed to extend the framework. This package is not dependent on AspNetCore.


PM> install-package piranha.aspnetcore

Middleware and extensions for AspNetCore. This library is needed when building a web application with Piranha.


PM> install-package piranha.aspnetcore.identity

Security implementation for AspNetCore.Identity with manager views for administrating roles and users. Since the EntityFrameworkCore implementation of Identity provided by Microsoft is not database independent you will also need an additional package for your specific database.


PM> install-package piranha.aspnetcore.identity.mysql

Identity DbContext implementation for MySQL.


PM> install-package piranha.aspnetcore.identity.sqlite

Identity DbContext implementation for SQLite.


PM> install-package piranha.aspnetcore.identity.sqlserver

Default Identity DbContext implementation for all databases compatible with SQLServer.


PM> install-package piranha.aspnetcore.simplesecurity

Simple security implementation for development and testing.


PM> install-package piranha.attributebuilder

Package for defining and building page types from attributes. This is the prefered way to import and synchronize content types.


PM> install-package piranha.attributebuilder

Services for storing uploaded media assets in Azure Blob Storage.


PM> install-package piranha.imagesharp

Package for scaling image assets using SixLabors.ImageSharp. As this dependency is pre-release, so is this package.


PM> install-package piranha.local.filestorage

Provider for storing uploaded media assets locally on disc together with the web application.


PM> install-package piranha.manager

This is the manager interface for working and maintaining CMS data from a web browser. Built with AspNetCore Mvc & Bootstrap.