Version 10

As .NET 5 reaches end-of-life 6 months after the release of .NET 6, which will be a LTS release the main focus of v10 will be to upgrade packages and all of their dependencies to run on the latest versions available for .NET 6. As the main goal here is to support the next LTS release we will try to not include any breaking changes in this major version to ensure the smoothest possible upgrade and get everybody on board the next version of .NET.

This means that even though this is a major version it will, apart from changes inflicted by the transition to .NET 6, focus on bugfixes and minor improvements to the existing code base.

Version 11

The next major version will focus on adding bigger changes that we've been holding off on. Some of them will be purely internal redesign features, like #1244 and #1588, while others will add new substantial features to the framework, like #899 and #1598. You are welcome to follow our Milestones and Projects on GitHub as we will start planning the details of these versions.

Minor versions

Minor version and patches will as always be released for the latest version on NuGet while working on the next major version. The content of these can usually be found in our Milestones as we rarely use the Project planning tools for these releases.