Multiple sites

Pages & Posts will keep their current structure, in other words they will not support translations. The reason for this is that we still recommend having one site per language as many things usually differ between country sites and the information you want them to have. We are however introducing a Language entity, which will hold information about the different languages that the overall application supports. Starting from version 9.0 you will select on each Site which language your Site(s) use.

Generic content

The new generic content structure will give you the flexibility to define and build content pieces that can not be navigated directly in the browser, but are intended to be used in the context of a Page or Post. Content can be anything from Contacts to Banners or even Products. As the intention of these content pieces are that they should be reusable across all sites, generic content will be multi-lingual. This means you will be able to create one product, translate it to the different languages you've defined, reference it from a page and use it in the specific language this site has.

Generic content will have all of the features of Pages & Posts except for Blocks in the initial version. This means:

  • Full support for Regions & Fields
  • Optional Primary Image
  • Optional Excerpt
  • Optional Categorization (scoped on content group)
  • Optional Tagging (scoped on content group)

Reusable blocks

As blocks are intended to be a very small piece of information we don't see the point in making them reusable between pages & posts in their current form. In order to get some real value from this you would most likely have to develop custom blocks for every occasion that holds a lot of different fields and maybe even custom manager components to edit them.

Instead we will focus on letting Generic content fill this purpose as we will provide Blocks for referencing these content chunks from your Pages & Posts. As generic content will be multi-lingual this also makes it possible to reuse these chunks of content across sites that use different languages in a good way.

We truly hope that this will fullfil all of the use-cases and give you some extra sparkle on top as well :)

  About The Author

HÃ¥kan Edling, Lead developer at byBrick Interface, Microsoft MVP and Creator of Piranha CMS.