For those of you using the previous version of Piranha CMS targeting ASP.NET MVC 5 you might wonder why I decided to label this version 4.0 instead of 3.0. If you are, then let me shed some light on it.

All about legacy

I wrote an artice back in 2014 about the upcoming version of Piranha CMS which was labeled 3.0. This version was also built for the old .NET framework and was built around the same principles as the 2.x versions. For several reasons this version was never finished or released, but it was still quite a bit of discussion around it, and its upcoming features.

When I started rebuilding everything for NetStandard it was quite clear that in order to complete the project I had to start small. In fact, the 4.0 version contains significantly less functionality than 2.x. To avoid confusion for people who had read the blog post, which was published on the site I decided to not call the new version 3.0 as the information in the article had nothing to do with the upcoming version at all.

Will the be a 3.0?

For those of you wondering if this leaves room for releasing new versions continuing the 2.x architecture, or maybe evolving this into a 3.0 version the answer is no. I will not release any updates, bugfixes or new functionality based on the old repository. This is mainly because I don't have the time to support multiple versions of Piranha CMS.

Will you remove 2.x?

I will not remove the 2.x packages from NuGet. In fact I even choose to change the package names from PiranhaCms to just Piranha to avoid confusion and to not tempt people to upgrade existing projects.

The old version will also continue to be available on GitHub for those of you who want to make additions or improvements by yourself.