Everyone is a designer – UI/UX tips for developers

by Niklas Westerström

In Design Tags #UX #UI #Design #Tutorials Published 2020-01-08

During my years as a digital designer I have often been tasked with improving interfaces that developers have built and designed. The reason for this is of course that it's not always possible to have a dedicated designed in the project, maybe the project has a very limited budget or time frame.

Even though I can totally understand this it doesn't mean I think it's a wise decision, in my opinion the best team setup in a project would be one designer to maybe two or three developers. Nevertheless I thought I could offer some hands-on tips for all of you developers who have to cheat as a designer in your next project.

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Announcing 8.0 for .NET Core 3.1

In Piranha CMS Tags #DotNet #Development Published 2019-12-05

We're extremely happy to announce that today we've released Piranha CMS 8.0 for .NET Core 3.1, and this just two days after 3.1 was released! In essence this version is contains the same feature set as 7.1, but while waiting for the official release from Microsoft we managed to squeeze in some new functionality as well!

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Creating a Custom Tag Field

In Piranha CMS Tags #Examples #Development Published 2019-10-09

I recently got a question on GitHub on how to add a second level of tagging for posts with a custom field, and as it was quite fun, and covers a lot the basic parts of building custom components I thought it would make a good example for everyone.

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Techniques For Securing Pages

In Piranha CMS Tags #Development #Tutorials Published 2019-03-22

Even though Piranha has a very flexible security model there are some easy techniques you can use when you want to restrict access to certain pages. In this short tutorial we'll show two simple ways you can acheive this. Please note that this is not the only way you can implement this, you can do it in any number of ways.

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