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Piranha CMS has a highly composable architecture that uses the standard ASP.NET Dependency Injection Container. All of the different services can be replaced, and if you don't find an implementation that suits your needs it's as simple as implementing an interface to create your own.

In this section we will talk about the main underlying components and the different implementations we provide for them. If you want detailed information on how you implement your own, please take a look under Extensions.


Here you can find information about the different claims and policies that Piranha uses in the manager to see what the current user has access to. You can also read about the different authentication services we provide.


This section describes the different levels of server caching available, how to set them up, and what data they cache. You can also find information on the different caching services we provide.


Even though Piranha is totally database agnostic we only provide tools for Entity Framework Core. Here you can read about the databases we officially support and how you configure your application to use them.

HTML Editors

Information about the different WYSIWYG editors supported by the Piranha Manager and how you setup your application to use them. If you create your project with one of our templates the default editor is TinyMCE.

Image Processors

Information about the built in image processing in Piranha and what third party libraries we support at the moment.

Media Storage

Here you can find information about media storage, i.e how files uploaded in the manager are stored, and how you setup your application to use it.