Please note that version 9 is still in beta. For documentation on the latest stable release, please change to version 8.
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Open, siteId = null);



The callback function is called when a page is selected in the page picker. The provided function should accept one parameter which will be the selected page object. Let's take a look how it could look if we selected an page from page picker.

    id: "a16eb9ee-1c3f-4b04-b223-5a8f2b655f63",
    siteId: "f376a89d-230e-4eee-8b02-78b8ff83e693",
    title: "About us",
    typeName: "Content Page",
    published: "2019-10-17",
    status: "",
    editUrl: "manager/page/edit/",
    isCopy: false,
    isDraft: false,
    isExpanded: true,
    permalink: "/about-us",

The method can easily be called with either an inline callback or by providing a previously defined function: (page) {

If no siteId is passed the default site will be loaded.