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Piranha is built on .NET 6 which is a free, open source, cross platform version of .NET provided by Microsoft. You can find more information about .NET here.

Installing .NET Core

You can download the .NET Core SDK from for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Make sure to get the latest version of the SDK for version 6.

Choosing An Editor

Personally we love Visual Studio Code which is a lightweight, cross platform editor with excellent extensions for .NET and Azure, but you can use any editor you want. If you want a more complete IDE, Visual Studio is also free and available for Windows and MacOS.

Installing Piranha

We recommend you to install our project templates which will help you get started quickly on a new project. All of our available templates are bundled into a single package, so installation is quick and simple. Just type the following into the command line.

dotnet new -i Piranha.Templates

You can read more about the different project templates we provide here.