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The manager application is built as a ASP.NET application with Razor Pages, Vue.js and Bootstrap 4. Every page in the manager has it's own Vue app which is created after the page is returned from the server. All reusable parts in the manager also has their own Vue app. The reason for choosing this design and not building a full javascript client is so that you can choose how you would like to build your custom pages in the manager, whether it's MVC or Razor Pages.

Main Vue Apps

The following main apps are available in the manager, please note that to access them from your pages you must add a javascript reference for them in your page.

Name Object Resource
Aliases piranha.alias /manager/assets/js/piranha.alias.min.js
Comments piranha.comment /manager/assets/js/piranha.comment.min.js
Config piranha.config /manager/assets/js/piranha.config.min.js
Media /manager/assets/js/
Modules piranha.module /manager/assets/js/piranha.module.min.js
Page Edit piranha.pageedit /manager/assets/js/piranha.pageedit.min.js
Page List piranha.pagelist /manager/assets/js/piranha.pagelist.min.js
Post Edit piranha.postedit /manager/assets/js/piranha.postedit.min.js
Site Edit piranha.siteedit /manager/assets/js/piranha.siteedit.min.js

Reusable Vue Apps

The following reusable apps are available in the manager and can be used from all pages. All of these apps are rendered either as modals or as panels overlayed on the current page.

Name Object Resource
Alert piranha.alert /manager/assets/js/piranha.min.js
Block Picker piranha.blockpicker /manager/assets/js/piranha.min.js
Media Picker piranha.mediapicker /manager/assets/js/piranha.min.js
Media Preview piranha.preview /manager/assets/js/piranha.min.js
Notifications piranha.notifications /manager/assets/js/piranha.min.js
Page Picker piranha.pagepicker /manager/assets/js/piranha.min.js
Post Picker piranha.postpicker /manager/assets/js/piranha.min.js